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Carpet Whipping machines

Karpet King are recognised leaders in Carpet Overedging machinery, they are also known as Carpet Sergers or Carpet Whipping Machines depending whereabouts in the world you live.

Karpet King can offer a number of different types of whipping machines, the most common type is the KK-812-M three thread machine, this tends to give a higher quality finish on the heavier carpets as well as being able to produce tight internal corners which many other machines are incapable of, this function is imperative for the likes of car/automobile upholstery as well as boatscaravan interiors rugs and mats. The Karpet King 812-Aero is also available  for Aircraft Carpets, this can easily handle the intricate internal corners surrounding brackets and bulkheads.


The Karpet King KK812-M is the “Classic” in carpet overedging, it’s old fashioned styling understates its performance, after many attempts by competitors to improve the design, it has never been equalled. The KK812-M machine has simple mechanical components that if kept clean and lubricated will give many years of reliable service.